IT project management consulting

Softlogic IT Project Management

IT Project Management

Consulting Services Softlogic Solutions offers a unique blend of project management consulting services to businesses. Often a business needs additional support to ensure IT projects meet expectations.

With decades of experience across many different projects and industries Softlogic provides project advocacy and governance to your project and management team

Governance to ensure delivery

Softlogic Solutions offers support on inhouse IT projects that is designed to ensure success.

The engagement can be dialled up and down depending on your needs and as the project progresses, remains an organic engagement.

The goal is to ensure you deliver your project on time and on budget, and on brief.

We can provide the guidance and support to both the team and management to ensure that:
  • Specifications are complete and able to deliver on your project goal
  • Project team working processes best fit the project need
  • Transparency and process within the project team provides management with the right reporting mechanism to successfully manage the project
  • Ongoing sounding board to ensure that the project returns the maximum return on your investment.
  • Expertise buy in across project methodology, management, workflow, R&D tax incentive grants, architecture and longevity of solutions.  
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