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R&D Tax Audit Survival
Workshops and Training

Help is available to make sure your record-keeping is compliant.

Maximise your claim with peace of mind, using our 6 Step framework and templates.

Orphaned Legacy Software Rescue and Maintenance

Maintain your mission critical in-house software rather than redeveloping, avoid the cost and risk of redevelopment

Your software took a long time to develop. It’s working, it just has some bugs, some enhancements that are needed.

Redevelopment of the software to replicate all the intricate business know-how and Intellectual Property built into it over the years is a difficult process.

Why spend time redeveloping when there is a lot that can be done with your existing investment. 


Request a R&D Tax Audit Survival Workshop

Find out how to improve cashflow, R&D effectiveness, and audit readiness.

  • Ways you need to improve your tax claim
  • Record Keeping flow of Information
  • Documentation specific to sector, including IT
  • Steps on how to improve seamlessly
  • Templates to assist you to improve
  • Take action now, ready for the next claim
  • 30 day money back guarantee

* Melbourne. Other cities subject to availability

Request an Orphaned App Stress Relief Session

Find out how to deliver operational value
quickly and efficiently.

  • Determine the value of the Orphaned Software
  • How to make a dump and run decision
  • How to Resuscitate the software
  • Steps to decide if the software can be maintained
  • Technology Evaluation and Accessibility
  • Integration Options to enhance Data Access
  • 30 day money back guarantee

(At your office*, just $374.00)
(Credited to the cost of
Resuscitation work)


  • Multi-sector management and engineering experience
  • Extensive Strategic Planning experience
  • Proven Business Transformation methodology
  • Flexible Software Team with vast technology expertise
  • Highly adept at Orphaned Software Maintenance
  • 6 years R&D Tax Incentive compliance experience
  • 16 years R&D tax and grant experience
  • Proven 6 step R&D Tax Incentive compliance framework
  • Extensive Implementation Partner Network
  • Trusted and reliable industry expertise
  • Agile Project Management Expertise

Example Strategic Business Investments

SoftLogic Increase Customer Engagement

Increase customer loyalty and engagement

Customers who struggle to locate relevant information on your website, will increase the number of calls for simple routine enquiries, causing excessive costs and staff to miss critical support and sales opportunities.

A Smartphone or Web Application that provides a personalised login, with directly related customer information, will reduce phone call load while increasing customer satisfaction.  This change will be achieved while providing a new channel for precision marketing that customers will value.

Contact us to review your Customer engagement challenges.

SoftLogic Solutions - Increase Workforce Efficiency

Increase workforce efficiency

Staff may be struggling with complicated processes that utilise many different tools, or they may deal with complex macro enabled Word or Excel files, or even an outdated Mobile Application. These situations are common across businesses.

A Smartphone App or Web App will provide tailored workflows that are easily maintained and extended, guiding the user through their daily tasks. Well-designed solutions improve efficiency, reduce training and support costs, while increasing staff satisfaction and retention. 

Contact us to review your workforce efficiency challenges.

SoftLogic Solutions - We can harness the right skills for your challenge

Harness the right skills for the challenge

Diverse business challenges require diverse skill sets to determine the best practice in each department. Staff members can buckle under the weight of conflicting challenges without the right consultant to call for support. Consider all unaddressed process improvements that could be fast tracked to improve the bottom line.

Harness our strategic analysis and project management experience, solution design and implementation know-how to increase momentum of initiatives. Utilise our knowledge of AusIndustry Research and Development Tax incentive, local and offshore resources to complete simple and complex projects, improve ROI and boost productivity.

Contact us to review your challenges and harness our expertise.

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Example Digital Technology Strategies

SoftLogic Solutions - Create an App Strategy to increase customer engagement

Smartphone Application strategy

Our consultants will formulate and optimise application ideas using best practice workshops and prototyping tools. Through structured User Centred Design (UCD), create an Application that is a pleasure to use and becomes a valuable extension of your organisation. 

Explore the many implementation options to launch the Application in the most flexible, cost effective manner ensuring maximum ROI.

Contact us to review your Smartphone Application challenges.


SoftLogic Solutions - Customer Web Portal

Smart customer web portal strategy

Utilise our extensive knowledge of cloud services provided by Microsoft, Amazon and Google to implement a state-of-the-art smart, integrated, customer portal. Through structured User Centred Design (UCD), create a customer portal that is a pleasure to use and becomes a valuable extension of your organisation.

Our consultants provide implementation strategies that take full advantage of workflow engines, integration tools, cloud Platforms As a Service (PAS), with the latest security and privacy standards. These strategies bring together a cost effective, safe, scalable and reliable customer experience.

Contact us to review your customer portal challenges.

SoftLogic Solutions - When increasing workforce efficiency a transition plan to the digital solution will be key to success

Workforce transition strategy

Transitioning your workforce from outdated IT tools, or manual paper-based processes, involves many important time-consuming parallel activities. Our consultants will determine comprehensive transition strategies covering change management, training, project management and technology direction.

Harness our development, integration and testing expertise along with Smartphone Fleet Management,   ensuring a smooth transition to a state-of-the-art tailored IT system that significantly improves productivity.

Contact us to review your digital transition challenges. 

Softlogic Solutions - Strategy for cloud migration of existing systems

Cloud first strategy

Our consultants will use their extensive insight into Cloud providers such as Microsoft, Amazon and Google to review your infrastructure requirements and use proven processes to determine the best cloud migration strategy. Reduce the running costs of legacy systems or redeveloped solutions by ensuring the cloud migration takes advantage of hosted Platforms As a Service (PAS), virtual servers, containers, automation and serverless processing and launch as quickly as possible, while avoiding common pitfalls.

Contact us to review your cloud migration challenges.


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Project Implementation Services

SoftLogic Solution - Project management services

Project Management Services

Our Project Managers monitor progress and risks, optimise resources and adjust plans to ensure solutions are delivered on time and to budget.  Harness our extensive project management expertise to realise strategies and solutions that our consultants propose, or to facilitate your internal IT projects. 

Contact us to review your project management challenges.

SoftLogic Solutions - Solution Architecture will be key to a cost effective and reliable solution

Solution Architecture and Development

Our consultants design and assess solution architectures for cost effective operation, reliability, scalability and performance. Take advantage of our local and offshore network to arrange development, testing and deployment services. 

Our network facilitates the development of solutions with a proven development team, quickly and efficiently to improve ROI as soon as possible.

Contact us to review your solution development challenges. 


SoftLogic Solutions - Will ensure the best team will be assembled to delivery the solution

Optimise local and offshore teams

Tap into our extensive experience with outsourced solution development. Our consultants will review your resource requirements, timelines, and technologies to formulate the best mix of local and offshore talent, creating an efficient project team that will meet development and implementation budgets and timelines.

Contact us to review your development team requirements.

Research & Development Tax Incentive

When investing in software development it is important to confirm that planning, management and development processes comply with the stringent record-keeping required by the AusIndustry R&D Tax Incentive program. Our consultants will review and augment processes to ensure full compliance using our compliance framework.

We partner with R&D tax specialists who will prepare your AusIndustry submission to ensure adherence to all guidelines and legislation and maximise the likelihood of success.

Learn more about the R&D Tax Incentive Compliance Framework

Contact us to review your R&D processes and assist with AusIndustry submissions. 

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